Monday, February 10, 2020

Book Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Book Review - Essay Example Eventually, America has made to become a society which permits ordinary people to lead the government and give every citizen their right to vote. The transition of America into a democratic country had also been easy considering that the patriot leaders leave no interest for the powers that the position gives them. Wood (1992) emphasizes that "the Revolution was the most radical and far reaching event in American history" (p. 8). It means that the revolution significantly affected the American society and politically changed the rules from British to American ideals. Accepting the radical nature of the American Revolution is important within the context of the socio- political society especially during the eighteenth century. Also, it is important to highlight the appreciation for the political and social aspects of the colonial society that is impossible to disentangle. The leaders then are not just revolting against the political system of the British government but also its colonial society in America. Wood thinks that the republicanism society had affected British thoughts in a wide sense. Accordingly, republicanism is not accepted to any political life of an English society. However, monarchical and republican values are present in their culture and there are many considerable monarchists that accepted the ideals of republicanism regardless of the long-run consequences they might face. They do not always use the term though, but republicanism is regarded as a set of values and a kind of life where it is more understandable and liberal. Yet, the mid-18th century is the era when the social change took place, the past remains obstinate. American colonists are the English; they share the statement that order and stability in society came from the monarchical type of society. The king is subject to as dependent being and less autonomous. But, the American people see

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